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Grey fridge with 12 individual units in two columns. One cubby open near the top showing a clean white interior.

ArcticShelf Series 2 Fridge

The Series 2 was designed from the ground up to help fuel your workforce to crush their goals while providing everything they need to level-up their lunch game.

Health & Hygiene
Each cubby in the fridge is air-tight making disorganized and unsanitary communal fridges a thing of the past and with your own personal space you can add fresh items without worrying about cross contamination.

Secure & Convenient
The Series 2 brings the comfort of your home fridge back to the office. Each cubby is tied to an individual person and can only be accessed via the ArcticShelf mobile app meaning you never have to worry about lunch theft ever again.

Save Time & Money
With your own individual space at work you can pack a weeks worth of food without worrying about monopolizing shared fridge space and upsetting your coworkers.

Cubbi Kitchens*

Cubbi does more than just provide you with a state of the art fridge it also connects your entire workforce to nutritous and flavour packed meals.

Free Delivery
Meals ordered through Cubbi Kitchens are delivered directly to your Cubbi. No delivery driver hand-off, no tracking the order, no fuss and no cost!

A Cubbi Meal is Always a Deal
Our partner kitchens work relentlessly to get you the best deal possible which is why every meal is $10 or less. As we grow together these costs will only continue to drop.

Support your Local Ecosystem
Cubbi doesn't take a percentage of our partner kitchens meal revenue meaning everything you pay goes directly back into your local community.

Cubbi App on phone screen. Vibrant healthy meals listing prices for $10 or under.

*Only available in select Cities at this time*

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1500+ Meals Delivered

200+ Available Cubbi's

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